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Cycles Gladiator - Horiz Red Hair

Cycles Gladiator - Horiz Red Hair

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54" x 39.25" - 137cm x 100cm

This is an exceptionally rare gem of the poster world. Highly reproduced yet scarcely found as an original, this is the real deal. A mysterious nude beauty soars through the night sky, guiding her Cycles Gladiator bicycle through the ether with ease. Her brilliant red hair floats behind her. The wings along the bike pedals make us think she is Nephele, the goddess of the clouds. One of the many intriguing aspects of this poster is that in spite of its popularity, the artist is unknown.

The Gladiator Cycle Company was in business from 1891 - 1920, a period considered by many as the heyday of cycling. It was a period before the automotive industry took over as the main form of transportation. Cycles Gladiator was an early producer of cars and motorcycles, as well. While the company went through many changes in ownership and did not last long after the end of WWI, it is widely known today for its beautiful advertising posters.

This is an original vintage poster, not a reproduction. This poster has been archivally backed onto linen and is in excellent condition. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.

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