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Original Vintage Italian Liquor Poster Bitter Campari by Marcello Nizzoli Oversize

Bitter Campari - Nizzoli - Black Oversize

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78.75" x 110.25" - 200cm x 280cm

This beautiful poster by Marcello Nizzoli features a black background, with a bright red Campari bottle and glass in the center of the poster. The design is simple and effective in this large scale poster, leaving no guesswork for the viewers of what is being advertised. This oversized format is created by merging 4 individual printed images to form the overall striking poster.

Founded by Gaspare Campari in Milan, the Campari company has been in operation since 1860. Best known for its signature drink, Bitter Campari, the company also produces wines, spirits as well as soft drinks. Presently, the Campari company is a global enterprise with its products in over 190 countries worldwide.

Marcello Nizzoli (1887-1969) was an Italian illustrator, industrial designer and architect. Nizzoli created many large scale and Art Deco styled posters for the Campari company. Nizzoli was also the chief designer for Olivetti in the 1930s and was responsible for designing the iconic Lettera 22 portable typewriters in 1950. Nizzoli’s design style can be characterized as a combination of organic form and functional machine production intended for mass production.

This is the largest version of this poster. It was printed in four sheets, which have been joined together in the professional linen backing process.

This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters

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