Japan - Hakone National Park

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  • Takehiko Miyanaga
  • 28.5” x 41”
  • C 1955
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  • In the period after World War II as the economies of the world were expanding, most countries made a concerted effort to promote tourism to their favorite sites. Japan was no exception and in this detailed image we see a traditionally garbed woman inviting the viewer to visit the Hakone National Park located in the Kanagawa Prefecture.
    Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is a national park in Yamanashi, Shizuoka, and Kanagawa Prefectures, and western Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. It consists of Mount Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes, Hakone, the Izu Peninsula, and the Izu Islands. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park covers 1,227 square kilometres
    (474 sq mi). Rather than being a specific spot, the park is a collection of dispersed tourist sites that dot the region. The farthest point south, the isle of Hachijo-jima, is several hundred kilometers from Mount Fuji. The park includes a variety of geographic features including natural hot springs, coastlines, mountainous areas, lakes, and more than 1000 volcanic islands. Vegetation in the park ranges from species of mountainous trees to the subtropical vegetation of the Izu Islands. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park was established on February 2, 1936 as Fuji-Hakone National Park, and is one of the first four national parks established in Japan. In 1950, the Izu islands were added to the park, and its name changed to its present designation. Due to its proximity to the Tokyo metropolis and ease of transportation, it is the most visited national park in all Japan.
    Takehiko Miyanaga ( 1919 1987) was a Japanese painter and illustrator who was trained at the Nogoya Art Institute and went on to a broad career as a painter and a commercial artist. Over the span of his career he won many awards for his art on a national level.
    This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.