LYS - Chantilly - Broders

  • 13061
  • Roger Broders
  • 31” x 46.75”
  •  1925
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  • With origins likely in the 12th century, the Domaine du Lys-Chantilly is a private residential estate on a wooded site located on the edge of the Chantilly forest in France, 36km from Paris. Une Belle Ouvre de Paix translates to “a beautiful work of peace”. This real estate project poster presents a privleged life of leisure as enjoyed by its wealthy clientele. The poster touts a highly desirable setting surrounded by nearby parks. A fashionably dressed women holds a tennis racquet as she directs a leaping purebred dog. In the background golfers enjoy their sport in a field, as a young caddy looks on. A stately Tudor style residence and carriage house in the distance is backed by lush woods.
    Roger Broders (1883-1953) was a French artist and illustrator working in the early twentieth century. He is well known for his many travel posters, which feature scenic regions of France. He developed a simple design format that showcased the location with bold colors and minimal text.  He often traveled to the locations he pictured via his sponsor P.L.M. railways. Broders’ relationship with P.L.M. began through a connection with his wife, which would prove fortuitous for the artist. Although his posters are well known and highly sought after, he only produced less than 100 designs in his life.
    Watch a conversation on the works of Roger Broders with Gallery founder and principal Mickey Ross, here:
    This is an Original Vintage Poster. It is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed and in good condition with some creases evident in the top border. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.

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