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  • 23.5” x 38”
  • 1953
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  • Cote D’Azur, known as the French Riviera, is a 1953 English language travel advertisement by Jean Jules Louis Cavaillès for the French Railway. The French Railway is commonly known as SNCF, Societe Nationale de Chemin de Fer. Throughout the years, they have commissioned prominent artists to depict well known destinations in France to encourage train travel by the French public and visitors.
    This poster depicts the Mediterranean lifestyle of the Riviera. Cote D’Azur is part of the south of France known as Provence, and includes the major cities of Cannes, Nice, and Marseille. A popular tourist destination, the Cote D’Azur or “Golden Coast” features a warm climate and relaxing atmosphere. The area was developed as a resort region in the mid-19th Century and has attracted the wealthy upper class from across Europe and Russia ever since. Cote D’Azur is known for yachting, casinos, and beaches. Here, Cavaille’s artwork emphasizes the busy ports of the region.
    Jean Jules Louis Cavaillès (1901-1977) was a Parisian painter who was inspired by the Fauvist movement. His work focusses on juxtaposing color areas with minimal mixing. His work emphasized vibrant colors to elicit a joyful feeling.
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