• 6472
  • 22.75” x 15.75”
  •  1997
  • $750
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  • This serigraph is a signed and numbered print by the noted artist Mackenzie Thorpe from an edition of 395 pieces. The paper size is 23.25 x 27.75 with an image size of 17 x 21.5
    Mackenzie Thorpe was raised in the industrial town of Middlesbrough in the 1950s. Struggling from dyslexia throughout his childhood, Mackenzie found confidence in painting and drawing and eventually summoned the courage to go to art school. After leaving art school, he spent several years working with inner-city children in London before moving to North Yorkshire to set up a studio, as well as his own gallery. Since then, he has become one of the world's most collected and sought-after artists. His art works have been exhibited in museums and galleries across 4 continents.
    "My ambition is to unite the world through the eyes of these children and let today's cultures understand that in order to sustain our societies, we must protect and nurture our children, and also protect and nurture the child within us all. It is our responsibility to love these children, to let them bring love back to the world, and to keep our eyes open to the wonderment of childhood." - Mackenzie Thorpe