Chats with Mickey: SAS Original Vintage Travel Posters

I’m excited to talk with you today about our wonderful selection of Scandinavian Airline posters. SAS, as the airline is commonly referred to, was formed in 1946 and focused on travel out of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

All of our current collection of SAS posters are by an artist named Otto Nielsen, who worked for the company from 1954 to 1976. These posters showcase Nielsen’s loose oil painting technique and feature the people and animal life from destinations across the globe. Nielsen illustrated many travel books outside his career at SAS, and that skill is apparent.

SAS was born in the post-WWII era of jet setting, and these early posters capture that feeling with a Scandinavian sensibility. They contrast nicely with the bright and bold posters of contemporary poster artists such as David Klein at TWA, or the refined details of Lucien Boucher at Air France.

We are excited to have this extensive collection of SAS posters by Otto Nielsen in stock at the moment. We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about them! Click here to see our current selection of SAS posters.

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