FAQs: What Does 'Excellent Condition' Mean for Vintage Posters?


"What does 'excellent condition' mean?" - This is hands down, one of the most commonly asked questions we hear from our clients. When shopping for Original Vintage Posters, there are a few key thing to know as a consumer:

  1. There is no set rubric for condition - what one dealer considers perfect might be considered poor condition by another company
  2. Photos are your friend - anyone can describe how they see something, but this is art that is going in your home and it should look good to you! Being sure the photo you are looking at is of the actual piece you might be buying is super important. Here at The Ross Art Group, we individually photograph our pieces to make it easy for our clients to know exactly what they see is what they will get.
  3. Has there been any restoration done? If yes, was it archival? Some dealers consider pieces with expertly done restoration to be 'excellent', while others will note the work that has been done. It's important you know, if there is restoration, that it has been done archivally. Non-archival restoration lowers the value of the poster and also will be affected by sunlight in different ways than the original inks in your poster.

Here at The Ross Art Group, 'excellent condition' posters are what we specialize in - over 90% of our inventory is in excellent condition. To us, the term 'excellent condition' refers to posters with bright, fresh colors and paper that has no rips, stains, or tears. Any pieces that we sell that are not in excellent condition are usually in our collection because they are very rare pieces that can only be found in lesser condition. You'll notice that each poster we sell has its own description, including notes on its condition.

Watch the below video about condition to learn even more:



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