The Bally Collection: Posters of Swiss Designed Luxury

There are few brands more synonymous with luxury and heritage than Swiss luxury brand, Bally. What began in the home of two brothers in Schonenward, Switzerland has grown into a brand world-renowned for its timeless and hand-crafted products. Since 1851 Bally & Co. has maintained its success through careful attention to detail, using only the finest of materials and the most talented of craftspeople to create its products.

 It should come as no surprise that Bally has commissioned some of the most elegant and iconic posters over the past 100 years.

Bally's characteristically high standards for design have consistently extended to their ad campaigns, and our collection of Bally posters serve as the perfect testament to this.

The above three posters are our most recent additions to the gallery. Created by Swiss graphic designer Pierre Augsburger from 1959-1961,  this series of posters are the perfect complement to any walk-in closet, living room, or bedroom. As Bally's in-house designer from the 1950s through early 1960s, Augsburger perfectly highlighted the elegance and quality that Bally is known for. They are a perfect snapshot of the 1950s modernist art movement, and the neutral color palette lends a certain flexibility in terms of decorating. These are pieces that can easily be moved around your home, transitioning easily from dining area to bedroom, as you see fit.

We are proud to have in our collection two additional works done for Bally; one before Augsberger and one after.

It is fascinating to see the transitions in art movements over the decades; from Cappiello's Deco-inspired hands, the expressive modernism of midcentury design, to the  almost pop-art aesthetic of 1980s Villemot (also below). Throughout it all, the viewer is still keenly aware of the elegance and luxury behind the brand of Bally.
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