Collection: Mather Work Incentive Original Vintage Posters

Mather and Company produced work incentive posters to motivate employees in factories and businesses across the United States from 1923-1929. Led by entrepreneur Seth Seiders, the privately owned Mather and Company ran a Chicago-based operation that sold products to managers and foremen to mold their workers into the ideal workforce.

Every week, a new poster was displayed in a central location in a factory or a business for all workers to see. 

Attention-grabbing - especially in dull, monotone work environments - Mather and Company posters found their niche and soon became a popular instructional tool for thousands of companies nationwide. (Credit for the above and thanks to Lauren De Filippo)

The specific group of Mather posters that we are offering are all from the year 1927 and were actually used in a factory in the Northeast. These posters have stood the test of time very well and we had each conservation mounted onto linen and professionally restored. The posters of 1927 are rarely seen outside of institutions. They were all printed using stone lithography and each poster shows a richness of detail and the subtlety of fine texture that gives them their rich look. Two of the noted artists within this group are William Frederick Elmes and Robert Beebe. These posters each measure approximately 36" x 48" and are very suitable for all manner of businesses as well in the home. Almost 90 years old, they are collectible as well as attractive.