BTS: Why We Photograph Each of Our Posters

Today, we're pulling back the curtain a bit...



It's paramount to how we do business at The Ross Art Group that when you unwrap your poster at home that it looks exactly how it did when you purchased it on our website. We photograph each poster we sell, and edit that photo to match as closely to the poster as possible- a time consuming task that most of our competitors choose not to take on. Now, we're not throwing any shade here, but it's just never been an option for us to recycle a photo. 

Once a poster arrives in the Gallery, we put it up on our magnetic closet doors (they are as cool as they sound), set up professional lighting and our trusty tripod, and we take our raw photo. After that, the piece is also measured twice for accuracy. Next, we get to the real work - photo editing to match for color.

We use a color chart to help make sure we aren't just trusting our eyes to nail the colors in our photo; the goal here is to match the poster in real life, not bump up the contrast or exposure to make it look better than it does in-person. After that, it's a quick adjustment to correct any distortion and the photo is saved in multiple resolutions and on it's way to being added to our website!

We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at how much care we take in presenting our posters. That said, if you ever have any questions about any posters you see on our site, reach out! You can find us by email at and by telephone at +1.561.562.4100.

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