Honoring A Poster Legend: Milton Glaser (1929-2020)

It is said that Moses died on his 120th birthday. Ever since, dying on the same day you were born is seen as a sign you have made the most of your mission in life. This past weekend, graphic design legend Milton Glaser did just that and the fable has proven true again.
A born-and-bred New Yorker, Glaser brought whimsy, color, and life to the shared worlds of graphic design and commercial art. His most iconic designs are a part of our shared visual narrative, like the "I <3 NY" logo he developed in 1977 to promote the state and city's rebirth.
The New York Times wrote a lovely obituary, as well as an article about what Glaser was working on right now - we recommend reading both pieces. We are proud to have sold many of Glaser's important designs over the years, and have his famous poster for Bob Dylan's 1967 "Greatest Hits" album in stock at the moment. The poster world has lost a legend that gave so much to the medium.
Bob Dylan by Milton Glaser
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