Looks Can be Deceiving in the Poster World

Paris a Londres, by Pal. Printed in 1895.

One common thread that all Original Vintage Posters have is that they were intended to attract the viewer and then to tell that viewer their message. The image below is not only one of my personal favorite posters, it also demonstrates just how much looks can be deceiving.

So many people have seen this poster and thought that it is a poster for food. In reality, it is a poster promoting travel by rail from Paris to London, complete with a fee schedule for the various tickets offered.

Paris a Londres was created in the late 1890’s by the noted French artist PAL (Jean de Paleologue, 1860 – 1942) who was known for his festive and joyful images, often depicting attractive women.

This fine image not only illustrates a beautiful woman, but also attracts the eye with the splendidly represented fruits. Over 100 years after its creation, this poster is still exceptionally beautiful and would enhance a kitchen or dining room area in both a home setting or a restaurant.

I am pleased to let you know that we recently acquired one of these hard to find posters and are happy to have it as part of our collection in the Gallery. Please click on the below photo for full details.

Paris a Londres by Pal, 1895. Click on this image to learn more!
                      -Mickey Ross
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