Where Do We Get Our Posters? Here's One Interesting Story...

New Yorkers are often accused of thinking that their city is the center of the universe, and we at The Ross Art Group are no exception!
Since our gallery is located in Midtown Manhattan, we not only have loyal customers stop in to visit us but we also have clients walking in from around the world.

Occasionally these walk-in customers surprise us by bringing in posters that they would like to sell.

In the Fall of 2012, I received an email from a British gentleman from England asking me whether I buy posters and if I would be in my Gallery in late October. He mentioned that he was a collector of bicycle posters, and that he had some that he would like to sell. I welcomed him and looked forward to our meeting.
He never did manage to show up that October, and I never heard from him from then on out.

Exactly one year later, I was in my office here in the Gallery and our receptionist told me that "Andrew from England" was in to see me. I frankly did not recall knowing an Andrew from England, but was curious as to who he was. It turns out that Andrew was not only a bicycle enthusiast and rider, but was also a marathon runner, and the mystery seller from the year before. He had intended to run in the New York Marathon of 2012. When it was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy, Andrew stayed in England.

One year later, here he was in New York. He had successfully completed the New York Marathon and came into the Gallery to offer me his bicycle posters. Just another surprising example of just what we mean when we say that we find our inventory in the strangest of places!

Please find below a part of Andrew’s fine collection that we now are proud to have available in the Gallery 

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