Never Grow Up: The Art of Todd Goldman℠

Todd Goldman

As a kid, Todd doodled his way through school, constantly drawing in class and getting detention on a weekly basis. Now, many years later, Todd is still doodling and is a self-proclaimed Professional Doodler.

He created the Stupid Factory, where all his doodles are turned into stuff. Todd contributes his success to one simple philosophy - making people laugh! Whether they're laughing at him or with him, he doesn't really care, just as long as they're laughing. Todd doesn't take himself too seriously, and his art clearly reflects his personality and sense of humor.

Todd lives in Los Angeles with his daughter, Elle, and his dog Muppet.

The Ross Art Group is excited to offer the uniquely cheerful and cheeky artwork of Todd Goldman (aka The Doodler).Todd Goldman has been creating his fun and entertaining artwork for over 20 years, but this is the first time that his original paintings are available in the New York area. Todd's art is all about 'painting like a kid, with adult humor'. We welcome your visit in person or online to view our Todd Goldman Collection of over 100 original paintings. We offer custom framing options as well, and will happily ship to your home or office, wherever that may be. Please visit us and enjoy the Todd Goldman experience.

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