Air France - Baleares

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  • Lucien Boucher
  • 25” x 39.5”
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  • Air France-Baleares is a 1951 French travel advertisement designed by Lucien Boucher. Baleares, known as the Balearic Islands, is a series of islands and islets in the Mediterranean Sea that are part of Spain. The artwork features the Cathedral of la Seu Majorca located in the city of Palma on the main island of Majorca. The city of Palma is known as a resort city and popular with tourists. The pink flowers featured in the artwork are native to the island of Ibiza.
    Lucien Boucher (1889-1971) was a French graphic designer and illustrator most known to collectors for his many beautiful Air France travel posters.
    Boucher got his start as a cartoonist for the French humor magazine, Le Rire before moving into product and cinema poster design. He experimented in Surrealism, as well as Art Deco in his early advertising.
    Boucher's unique mid-century painting style combines his Art Deco influence and traditional painting to offer a fresh look for advertising. His body of work for Air France is well regarded by collectors as a leader in the mid-century style. Among these artworks are Boucher's series of “Planispheres,” which depicted the ever-expanding travel routes of the Air France airline. He completed the series of Planispheres from 1934-1962, continually developing the imagery with a fresh approach.
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