Ricordi - Birra Poretti Varese - Pl. 59

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  • Ludovico Cavaleri
  • 10.25” x 14.25”
  •  1914
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  • In 1914, Ricordi introduced a commemorative series called Ricordi Portfolio, which includes 70 small lithographic plates of its best designs between 1895 and 1914. This series was put together by Adolfo Hohenstein, and includes artists like Aleardo Villa, Marcello Dudovich, Leopoldo Metlicovitz, and Franz Laskoff. In the lead of Adolfo Hohenstein, this group of artists brought Art Nouveau, known as Stile Liberty in Italy, to a world class level. Much like Maitres de l’Affiche (“Masters of the Posters”) curated by Jules Cheret in France, Ricordi Portfolio celebrates the rise of posters in Italy. Many of the images in this series are so rare that they cannot be found in other format.
    Founded in 1808, Casa Ricordi is an Italian publisher of primarily classical music and opera. In the 1870s, the publishing company opened an in-house lithography shop to print materials promoting its operas and sheet music business. Quickly, the printmaking shop became a leading lithographer in Italy and by 1895, it started to create posters for outside companies like Campari, the Italian film industry, the Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera, and the Mele Department store of Naples. The poster art in Italy was almost single-handedly developed by Ricordi.
    The Poretti Brewery was founded by Angelo Poretti (1829-1901) in Varese, Northern Italy, in 1878. One of the pioneers of Italian brewing, Angelo Poretti learned the local brewing method in Northern Europe during his many travels there. His contribution to the Italian brewing industry won him the position as the President of the Permanent Committee of the Italian Brewers in 1884. The brand was later relaunched by Carlsberg Italia in 2001, but has kept much of its original identity.
    Ludovico Cavaleri (1867-1942) was an Italian painter. Born in Milan, he abandoned his medical studies in 1888 to focus on his pursuit for painting.  He started with specializing in seascapes in 1890 but later turned to the anti-naturalistic approach, a style popular at the turn of the century. In addition to a prolific painter, he was also active as an illustrator and a commercial artist. Cavaleri achieved success in the art market with frequent appearance in major exhibitions and a number of official awards, including a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Munich in 1902. He also had two solo shows at the prestigious Galleria Pesaro.
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