Southport via LNER - Bathers

  • 13082
  • Fortunino Matania
  • 49.25” x 38.75”
  •  1935
  • $9500
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  • Southport is a popular seaside community in the North East area of Britain with a long history as a tourist destination. It is located less than 20 miles from Liverpool and it is easily accessible via rail service as highlighted in this poster. Itís history as a seaside pleasure area goes back well over 100 years and it is still popular as a summer spot with attractions that include the beaches, annual air show, and an annual independent flower show. As one can see in this image created in the 1930ís many fashionable people enjoyed the water activities in Southport. The poster lets the viewer know that Southport is accessible by taking the LNER ( London and North Eastern Railway) . The LNER was started in 1923 and operated until 1948. Itís main activity relating to Southport was the route between London and Southport , a distance of approximately 220 miles.
    This very charming and lifelike image was created by the artist, Fortunino Matania (1881 Ė 1963) . He was born in Naples and began studying art at a very young age. He met with success and moved to Paris to further his studies and then was recruited to London where he began a career of paintings of events and members of the British Royal Family. He was admired for his true to life imagery as evidence by the Southport poster. He was known throughout his career aa a very adept illustrator,  and was involved in the advertising field as well in magazines as a cover and features artist.
    This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.