Penang & Bangkok via Siamese State Railways

  • 13090
  • Gertrude Nutt
  • 28.75” x 43”
  • c 1920
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  • As one can only imagine, travel in the Far East in the 1920’s must have been a challenging adventure. In this well executed image created by the female artist Gertrude Nutt, we see a child bringing an offering to a Holy Man ( likely a monk) who is standing in front of what appears to be a place of worship. The text in the poster announces in English and Thai – The quickest & Cheapest Route Between Panang ( Malaysia) and Bangkok (Thailand) is by the Siamese State Railways by Connection with the Federated Malay States Railways.
    The distance between these 2 points is 700 miles and in the 1920’s when this poster was created it was a lengthy journey. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and its largest city. Penang, Malaysia is a state which includes the capital city of George Town. Both of the Railways in this poster were founded in the 1890’s and still exist in a form to this day.
    The artist of this beautiful design was Gertrude Isabella Cowper Nutt ( 1873 – 1937) . Gertrude Nutt was a talented painter in her own right but her story is interesting in that she lived in the area that the poster promoted. Born in England she married Walter Nutt in Singapore in 1905. He was well known as Managing Director of the Straits Trading company in Malaysia and a prominent Freemason. She was a woman known for her art and “found much in Malaya to put on canvas” – The Straits Times. Gertrude Nutt’s life in the area gave her the insight to create this lovely image with a high degree of adoration for the region.
    This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.