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  • C 1918
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  • During World War I, posters were an essential way to get information out to the general population. This Original Vintage Poster was designed by John E.
    Sheridan in 1917 for the World War I U.S. Food Administration. The image shows an abundant crop of fresh produce in the basket in the foreground as well as a background image of soldiers and the American flag. It strongly makes the case that food is like ammunition in its ability to support the troops overseas. Creating and conserving abundant food supplies help the war effort.
    During the year 1917, President Woodrow Wilson created the U.S. Food Administration which operated in each state. The administration was created to conserve and supply the distribution of food during the war, facilitate transport of food, and retain governmental authority over food through voluntary agreements. There were multiple efforts made during the war to conserve food. Hoover stated that "Food, will win the war." With the support of the Council of Defense and other government organizations, he encouraged homeowners to sign pledges testifying to their efforts to conserve food.
    This resulted in 'Meatless Mondays', 'Porkless Saturdays' and so forth. The Food administration prevailed by combining patriotism and advertising; they so far as to create their own advertising section.
    John Emmet Sheridan (1877 - 1948) was an illustrator well known in his lifetime for his cover art for The Saturday Evening Post, his illustrations for Collier's Weekly and Ladies' Home Journal, and his commercial advertisements. He is "credited with the idea of using posters to advertise college sports." Sheridan was a member of the Dutch Treat Club, and a frequent contributor to the program of their annual banquet and show, and was an instructor at New York's School of Visual Arts at the time of its founding. During World War I, he created many patriotic posters in support of the United States' war effort as part of the committee of artists that also included Charles Dana Gibson (creator of the Gibson Girl) and James Montgomery Flagg (creator of the iconic Uncle Sam recruiting poster).
    This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.