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  • 39” x 55”
  •  1939
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  • Luxardo is a poster created by Giuseppe Raverta in 1939 for the eponymous brand of cherry flavored liqueur. Originally created in 1821, Luxardo is made from Marasca cherries (commonly known by their Italian name, “maraschino”) that are distilled for at least four years. Marasca cherries are traditionally grown in a region of modern-day Croatia known as Zadar (or Zara, as shown in the poster). The output of these cherries each season is very small, and throughout the 19th century both the cherry and its liqueur were seen as a delicacy for only the wealthy and royal. While the ancient coastal city shown in this poster is located in Croatia today, the region has historically been ruled by Italian governances over the past several hundred years. For this reason, Luxardo is seen in both this poster as well as in modern times as an “Italian” product produced with “Italian” cherries. The stylized pedestal upon which the liqueur rests is an homage to the city’s Roman roots and a reminder to the Italian viewer of the brand’s more ‘exotic’ roots across the Adriatic Sea.
    This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and has been professionally restored and is in excellent condition.