Bal Du Moulin Rouge - La Goulue 2 Sheet

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  • Henri de Toulouse Lautrec
  • 49.25” x 67.75”
  •  1891
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  • When the brassy dance hall and drinking garden of the Moulin Rouge opened on the boulevard de Clichy in 1889, one of Lautrec's paintings was displayed near the entrance. He himself became a conspicuous fixture of the place and was commissioned to create the six-foot-tall advertisement that launched his postermaking career and made him famous overnight. He turned a spotlight on the crowded dance floor of the nightclub and its star performers, the "boneless" acrobat Valentin le Désossé and La Goulue, "the glutton," whose cancan skirts were lifted at the finale of the chahut. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
    Henri de Toulouse Lautrec (1864-1901), had a short life in which he created an extensive amount of groundbreaking art in form of paintings, drawings, and prints. Born into an aristocratic family, Lautrec had a series of birth defects as a result of genetic inbreeding. Stunted in height (he was under 5 feet tall) and emotionally damaged from a sterile childhood, Lautrec lived a life in the shadows.  His bohemian lifestyle in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris inspired Lautrec to highlight the darker underbelly of Parisian society. This alternative lifestyle manifested itself directly in Lautrec’s art – broad flat planes of color were drawn from his time in opium dens filled with Asian woodblock prints, strong shadows came from his nightly visit to the Moulin Rouge (where he had a reserved seat) with its warm gas lighting, and his fervent use of line stemmed from the joie de vivre that flowed out of the cabaret and can-can moves of the Parisian stage performers.
    You can read more about the life of Lautrec here:
    This is an excellent condition example of this incredibly important work of Lautrec. The colors are fresh and bright, and the poster displays only the original folds that are inherent to the piece. The poster was printed on two sheets, has been archivally backed onto linen as one.

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