He's A Fighting Fool - Noran

  • 4367
  • Noran
  • 28” x 37”
  • C 1942
  • $550
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  • He's A Fighting Fool part of a series of “More Production” themed posters which served as a warning to home front factory workers about the importance of efficiency and attention to detail. This c.1942 image by Noran reminds factory workers to be mindful of their work.
    Production was a major theme in WWII posters, which emphasized work safety, efficiency, and focus. This poster takes a more serious tone warning about the consequences of shoddy craftsmanship at home and how it can have perilous consequences overseas.
    This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition.
    We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.