Lake Placid 1980 - Mountain Text

  • 7865
  • John Gallucci
  • 24” x 35.5”
  •  1979
  • $300
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  • This is an original vintage poster, printed using offset lithographic plates. It was created by the American watercolor artist, John Gallucci (1918 – 2009)  in 1979 and was commissioned by the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. It promoted and commemorated the ski events held in Lake Placid in 1980. These were the Olympics when the underdog American Hockey Team won the Olympic Gold Medal in the famed “Miracle on Ice” game.
    John Gallucci attended Syracuse University and later New York University with studies in Fine Art. He was a recognized watercolorist and a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society 1953. He was an educator in the Lake Placid area for most of his career and was chosen to represent his home with a group of 1980 Winter Olympic Posters.
    This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.