Air France Original Vintage Posters

Many of my clients over the years have responded best to our selection of travel posters. These posters generally show interesting and colorful destinations around the globe. Furthermore, the compact dimensions of most travel posters make them a comfortable fit in both residential and commercial settings. Whether the scenery in the poster is attractive, or the destination brings special meaning to you, travel posters are always a popular decorating and collecting choice.

Since the poster medium flourished the most in France we must give credit to Air France for its wonderful variety and quality of the posters that it commissioned over the years. It is said that Air France was responsible for over 1,400 posters under its name. Some of the prominent artists that were hired by Air France include Cassandre, Paul Colin, Bernard Villemot, Jean Carlu and many others.

The first Air France posters appeared in the early 1930’s just as the airline was formed. As we look through the selection of Air France posters chronologically, we can see the evolution of the line and the expansion to international destinations. During the span of the years, various notable poster artists created designs for use by Air France as their “look” evolved.

It is my pleasure to present a broad array of Air France posters that span the years. All are available in our Gallery or on our website. Whether you are a first time buyer, or a collector of long standing, you should enjoy viewing the wonderful imagery that we offer. 

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