How do we find our inventory?

Mickey Ross, the owner of The Ross Art Group, has been a collector of Original Vintage Posters for close to 40 years and is proud to be a dealer for over 20 years. In that time span, he has traveled extensively in search of posters. We have developed a very wide network of sources, that includes individual collectors, private dealers, companies that printed the posters, and more. 

We purchase our posters whenever the opportunity presents itself, whether a single poster or a group of posters. Over the years, we've purchased as many as 15,000 posters in one buying trip. We take a great deal of pride on being the buyer that sellers want to deal with first. Why? We've always tried to be as forthright, honorable, in all of our dealings. We are proud to say that we have a wide network of sellers who always come to us first. 

Another source of posters is our existing clients who want to divest themselves of posters purchased from us many years ago. Sometimes people simply change their taste, style, downsizing, etc. 

You can submit any posters that you're interested in selling here.

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