The Owner's Archive: Welcoming Back a Favorite

In the close to 30 years that I have been collecting Original Vintage Posters, there are a small group of images that truly capture my excitement whenever I am fortunate enough to own them and offer them in our Gallery.

One such poster is the Torrefazione Caffe Pernigotti by Ettore Mazzini. It is a captivating image especially when we can highlight the lower part of the image with a spotlight. The poster actually glows around the woman’s mouth!

The very talented Italian artist, Ettore Mazzini (1891 – 1960) created this charming image in 1924 for the Torrefazione Caffe Pernigotti (Coffee Roasting Company Pernigoti). Not only is the artwork intricate in detail and alluring but Mazzini has also succeeded in highlighting the lower area of the woman’s face so that it appears to glow from the steam rising from the coffee cup. It succeeds in letting the viewer know just how fine and alluring this coffee must be. There do not seem to be any other posters created by Mazzini although he was a fine painter. Like many painters at  that time, he likely created a poster to support his other artistic endeavors.

The charm of this poster is best seen in person, so please try to visit the Gallery and see it for yourself. It makes for a wonderful addition to the wall décor of a home or the appropriate restaurant or coffee shop. It is truly rare and wonderful in many ways.

I look forward to showing this personal favorite to you in person!


Mickey Ross

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