About the Ross Art Group

My name is Mickey Ross, and I’m the owner of The Ross Art Group based in Boca Raton, Florida. We operate a gallery featuring Original Vintage Posters as well as custom framing for our posters, as well as any other artwork that our clients have.


I started to collect Original Vintage Posters close to 40 years ago. The Ross Art Group is an outgrowth of my personal hobby of many years. Approximately 25 years ago, I decided to venture into the field as a professional dealer. The business first opened in Westport, Connecticut and we later opened another gallery in New York City. Recently, we relocated to Florida into a wonderful space that we were able to custom design in order to show off the posters in the best way possible. 


While predominantly based in the United States, we have clients all over the world. We are very proud  to say we ship internationally on a regular basis.


There are many ways that a client can do business with us. The most straightforward is to make an appointment to come into the gallery. We’ll work with our client in terms of what their wall spaces may be, what their interests are, and what their budget is. In order to reach our clientele that can’t meet with us in Florida, our website has been developed over the past 22 years to be a site where there is ease of navigation. Our presentation features the best  photography possible. We also write a curated description about each poster, and provide other details such as the year of printing, artist biography, etc. Our website has many added features such as search by size, by price, by type, by color, by artist.  


We aim to please and we are very proud of our high level of customer service. Over the years, we’ve tried to tailor our inventory to the average consumer, as well to the collector market. I take pride in working with collectors, and being able to develop a rapport with those who are looking for that very hard to find item. It’s part of the pride of what I do. Very often in my travels and research, I succeed in finding the piece that someone has asked us to try and source for them. 


Our framing is kept to minimum price points. We try very hard to be price competitive; both with our framing and certainly with our posters. 


I enjoyed the hobby of collecting Original Vintage Posters so much. When I transitioned from my previous career, my wife said to me, “Why don’t you sell posters since you love them so much?”. Those who know me have often heard me say that this is my “hobby on steroids”. I get to acquire new and wonderful things, meet very interesting people, and I find it most enjoyable and rewarding.

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About The Ross Art Group