Top Five Tips on How to Choose the Best Poster for Your Space

  1. Do your research. Researching the subject matter of the poster, the artist, and the era it was created in can help you decide which poster is the best fit for your space. We do this work for you in our product descriptions! Click on any poster on our site for a well researched history about it.
  2. Consider size. When choosing a vintage poster, you should consider how much wall space you have available and how the size of the poster will fit in with the rest of the decor. Utilize our design services for free help!
  3. Look for quality. Vintage posters can range in quality, so make sure to inspect the condition of the poster before purchasing. We clearly list the condition of all of our posters, and specialize in posters in excellent condition.
  4. Choose a style. Whether you prefer vibrant abstract designs or more muted art deco styles, make sure to select a poster that fits with your own sense of style and complements the other pieces in your space.
  5. Consider the frame. The right frame can really enhance the look of your vintage poster, so make sure to take the time to find one that fits with the poster and your overall decor. Again, reach out to us for free design assistance!
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