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Original Vintage Travel Poster Egypt Bastet Cat by Azmy c1938

Egypt - Bastet

M. Azmy
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27.25" x 39.5" - 69cm x 100cm

The Country of Egypt has always been perceived as an exotic destination, especially for North Americans. Within its borders, we can find some of the world's oldest relics of civilization including tombs as well as the famous Pyramids, built with the use of slave labor. This poster was designed by the artist M. Azmy who was also known for other Egyptian tourism designs.

In this image, we see depiction of Bastet, the ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess. Bastet (Bast) Cats were very important to the ancient Egyptians and were even considered to be demi-deities. Not only did they protect the crops and slow the spread of disease by killing rodents, they were also thought to be the physical form of the goddess Bastet. ... She had the head of a cat and a slender female body.
The design is alluring and also carries a sense of mystery, inviting the viewer to come and visit Egypt.

This is an Original Vintage Poster. It is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed and in excellent condition.

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