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Fratelli Carli Original Vintage Olive Oil Poster by Codognato c1925

Fratelli Carli

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39" x 55" - 99cm x 140cm

There are few products more identifiable with Italian cuisine than olive oil. This c1925 poster for the Fratelli Carli brand shows off the many awards the company has received for its olive oil. A charming child pours out some of the oil from a large cask onto a bright salad. While many of us associate olive oil with cooking, excellent quality extra-virgin olive oil is traditionally used by Italians as a garnish on raw dishes such as salads - as shown here- as well as a finishing touch on already cooked meals. Fratelli Carli olive oil is the star of this meal, for sure!

Fratelli Carli was founded in 1911 in Oneglia, a town in the Liguria region of Italy. It is currently in its fourth generation of ownership and still known as an award-winning brand.

Plinio Codognato (1878-1940) is revered as one of the most important Italian graphic artists of the Twentieth Century. Tall praise, to be sure, but it is well deserved. Codognato created groundbreaking visuals for everything from auto-related brands like Fiat and Pirelli to Campari and Cinzano. He represented many of the most important Italian products.

This is an original vintage poster; it is not an reproduction. It is in excellent condition and has been archivally backed onto linen. We fully guarantee the authenticity of our items.

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