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Original Vintage Kina Cure Liquor Poster by Viano c1930 Art Deco

Kina Cure

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47" x 62.75" - 119cm x 159cm

Viano created this bold Art Deco poster to advertise the aperitif Kina-Cure around 1930. The three men in different outfits suggests that Kina-Cure can be enjoyed anytime; whether at the beach, after work, or at a fancy event. The dynamic color palette of green, red, and white was popular in the Art Deco era of this poster.

Kina-Cure was an aperitif with quinine and tonic water, meant to be enjoyed before dinner to stimulate the appetite. Quinine based drinks became popular as a result of France's military skirmishes in North Africa at the turn of the century. Quinine combats malaria but tastes very bitter, so bevergaes were made that combined its bitterness with other flavors. The popularity of these bitter-laced cocktails outlasted any medical reason, and bitters such as Dubonnet are still popular today.

This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition.
We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.

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