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Original Vintage WWI Poster Patriotic League by Christy c1917

Patriotic League - YWCA

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20" x 28.25" - 51cm x 72cm

This WWI poster by Howard Chandler Christy was created in several variations. This variant utilizes the upside down triangle, a symbol of the YWCA. Other variants include a box with the text "Patriotic League; I pledge to express my patriotism by doing better than ever before whatever work I have to do; by rendering whatever special service I can to my community and country; by living up to the highest standards of character and honor and helping others to do the same." The message of this poster is that women on the homefront can still contribute greatly to the war effort.

Howard Chandler Christy (1872-1952) was one of the most important American illustrators of the early 1900s. He began his career as a battlefield artist, depicting skirmishes in the Spanish American War for publications such as Colliers, Scribner's, and Harper's. From there, he continued to illustrate for these magazines using his famous "Christy Girl" character, a beautiful, confident, and witty woman meant to represent the new American ideal. Christy became a household name through this character. During WWI, he returned to battle depictions as well as poster design. Following the War, Christy became very successful as a portrait artist, taking commissions from Teddy Roosevelt to Amelia Earhart.

This is an Original Vintage Poster, not a reproduction. It has been archivally backed onto linen and is in excellent condition. We fully guarantee the authenticity of our items.

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