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Original Vintage WWI Poster Share in the Victory by Coffin c1917

Share In The Victory

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27.75" x 41.75" - 70cm x 106cm

Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, wields a sword in one hand and a laurel frond in the other in this beautifully elegant WWI poster. The powerful imagery is meant to convey the triumphant winning of the war, which can only happen if the viewer buys war savings stamps. We are told that buying these stamps will help "save for your country, save for yourself".

America's involvement in WWI was largely unanticipated, and quite expensive. The U.S. Government began soliciting bonds that everyday Americans could deposit to the cause, to be paid back by the government when the war ended with interest applied. This influx of cash flow allowed the US to buy tanks, feed soldiers, and essentially finance the path to victory.

William Haskell Coffin (1878-1941) was an American painter and illustrator most well-known for his work in literary magazines such as Harper's and The Saturday Evening Post. Coffin was one of the most highly paid illustrators of his time, and his style pulled from the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

This is an Original Vintage Poster, not a reproduction. It has been archivally backed onto linen and is in excellent condition. We fully guarantee the authenticity of our items.

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