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Original Paul Rand Vintage Poster for NeXT Computers 1986

NeXT - Paul Rand

Paul Rand
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22" x 30" - 56cm x 76cm

This important poster was created by graphic design legend Paul Rand in 1986 for NeXT, Steve Jobs’ independent and short lived company that he created after leaving Apple (the first time). Jobs sought out Rand to create a logo that spoke for itself - something that could be identified at a glance.

NeXT was a computer and software company founded by Steve Jobs in 1985, with a focus on use for higher education and business solutions. It’s important to remember that Jobs left Apple, and brought many staff with him. There was real pressure for NeXT to be a success, and Jobs knew that an innovative logo from a denizen of graphic design like Paul Rand would help his cause.

You can watch the video below to see Rand present Jobs and his team with this branding, to get an idea of how integral Rand was to the process of building the company:

Paul Rand (1914-1996) is considered one of the most influential American graphic designers. Born Peretz Rosenbaum to a devoutly Orthodox Jewish family in Brooklyn, Rand pursued art education through night classes and seeking out European art magazines where he first learned of Constructivism and Swiss Object design. He is credited with bringing the highly edited elements of these movements to the United States. Rand is behind some of the most influential corporate identities, such as IBM, ABC, Enron, and this design for NeXT. He taught at Yale’s elite graphic design program for almost 30 years, and his students are some of the most important designers working today.

You can watch Steve Jobs talk about his working experience with Paul Rand here:

This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is printed on heavyweight paper, and is in excellent condition.

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