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Original Les Ruines D'Angkor Before Text 1911 Poster - by George Groslier

Les Ruines D'Angkor - Before Text

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61.75" x 46" - 157cm x 117cm

Built in the 12th Century, Angkor Wat is the largest Temple in the world, located in Cambodia near Siem Reap. The ruins of this Temple are still a major attraction to tourists visiting Cambodia. The Temple had fallen into many hands and religions since its creation.

In this poster we are shown the view of the priests and dancers in the entrance of the temple. George Groslier (1887-1945), the designer of this image, was a French polymath who, through his work as a painter, writer, historian, archaeologist, ethnologist, architect, photographer and curator, illuminated, and worked to preserve, the arts, culture and history of the Khmer Empire of Cambodia. Born in Phnom Penh to a French civil servant - he was the first French child ever born in Cambodia. He opened the first archeological museum in Phnom-Pen and was during all his life the protector of the Angkor temples. This is an extremely rare poster before the addition of text that was finely printed in stone-lithography in 1911.

You can read more about the fascinating life of George Groslier, here:

This is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted and linen backed. It has professionally restored to repair minor tears and rumpled margins.
We guarantee the authenticity of all of our posters.

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